A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

My Entry for Ludum Dare 40 - A learning experience.

My first jam (and first finished game), I started a bit late so didn't get time to implement everything I wanted. Will probably pick at it over the next week for completions sake. If you're interested in playing the final version check back later.

- Add audio
- More options to entertain/feed the cats
- Better cat wandering
- More balanced spawning algorithm

Written in java from scratch using Slick-Util/LWJGL for openGL wrappers.

UPDATE (08/12/17)

Uploaded a feature complete version. Could still benefit from balancing and doesn't have any sound but its close to the game I envision at the start.


Click the cats thinking of hearts to give love, place down food, water and toys when they're needed. Don't keep them waiting too long!

Install instructions

Executable Jar file, requires java. (Win/OSX/Linux)


Feature Complete (08/12/17) 3 MB
LD release (unfinished, 5/12/17) 3 MB

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